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Code Of Deliverance: Vol. 1 Issue 1 (The Cure)

THE PLANET IS DYING Dr. Ward has the technology to save it… Secret societies want him dead – will they succeed? In this issue Dr. Wallace Ward finally, after ten years, creates a code that programs an AI called Cassandra, which increases his thinking capacity to the speed of light.[…]

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Have Mercy: Vol. 1 Issue 1 (West End Murder)

GUN SHOTS FIRED! Can Val Mercy use his special skills to stamp out gun & knife crime? This new interactive pocket novel magazine is a crime thriller drama series about Valentino “Val” Mercy, an entrepreneurial millionaire, who earns his money by creating various online value creations, from eBooks to software[…]

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On The Endz: Vol. 1 Issue 2 (Secrets, Sex and Snapchat)

A DARK SECRET Is Jandrea willing to destroy Jerome’s business to keep it? In the last Issue, Jerome Nix returned to London, from Atlanta, with his new wife, Jandrea Nix. Instead of a joyous homecoming and the start of a happy new marriage and building a new business, Jerome and[…]

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On The Endz (Back Issue) Vol 1. Issue 1 (Back On The Endz)

The drama of illicit sex and lies are holding back: Nix, Blakes, Cox, PB & OZ from becoming great value creators – what’s holding you back? This 1st issue interactive pocket novel magazine is an urban fiction drama series about a group of friends learning and striving to become great[…]

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Ignorance Kills…

Unbearable depravity. Unspeakable destitution. Can Brenda prevail and survive it all? Brenda is forced to pursue a vicious life of crime by her older black thug cousin, Shun, who gets her pregnant at the age of twelve. When Shun is shot, Brenda sees an opportunity to free herself from his[…]

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Vile molestation. Vulgar perversion. Eschewal believes he deserves love and happiness. But does he? Despite enduring poverty, incestuous abuse and juvenile incarceration, Eschewal still harbors an idealistic desire that one day he will find love and happiness amongst the ruins of his life. His chance arrives out of the blue,[…]

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Little Jamaica

Deadly prejudice. Despicable gang warfare. Both rule Gunn’s life – He wants out! From an early age, Gunn was exposed to the insidious evils of Yardie gangsters, crack cocaine and black-on-black gun crime. Unable to escape his destiny, he works his way through the criminal ranks and becomes the leader[…]

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Mr. Bling

No money. No dress sense. Goofy accent. Leebert craves the “bling bling” lifestyle. And he’ll do anything to get it. Leebert dreams of fast cars, nice clothes and sex with beautiful girls. He’d sell his own mother to get any one of them. But his mother is gone, he works[…]

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Von Mozar was raised on the Yardie gang-infested streets of Brixton, London.

In the 1990’s he was engulfed in acts of violence and death that debased and destroyed the minds of many who shared the same environment.

He escaped his destructive lifestyle by forcing himself to read, which in turn inspired him to write stories that people from his underprivileged background could engage with and relate to.

For two years, he self-studied creative writing. Then he went on to earn a Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing from The Open University.

Mozar began his writing career in 2002 and in 2004 completed his first novel, Ignorance Kills… He then followed up Sexfiend, Little Jamaica, and Mr. Bling.

Mozar sold over 10,000 paperback books independently in London until he temporarily paused the marketing and sales of his book to pursue a degree in Creative Writing at Kingston University. During his time there, he tutored a vulnerable inner-city youth to write and publish a creative memoir of gang life, Through My Eyes: The Spirit of a Prince.

Mozar graduated in July 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Writing and a 1st Class Special Study in Narrative Techniques in Popular Fiction.

Since leaving university, Mozar has explored a different writing genre, Romantic Realism, which selectively recreates reality as it should or could be. This has led Mozar to develop a crime-thriller series, which is planned for publication in 2018.

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Striving To Do Good

I grew up around negativity but I had a positive soul and I wanted to do better. I had no idea how to do it and felt doomed to a life of criminality but a change came when I was given a book. I wrote about the power of that book in[…]

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An Early Christmas Present For You!

Question: What was the inspiration behind Sexfiend? Answer: A girl that I saw on a hot summers day when I was 21 years old at a music event in a crowded park. The moment I laid eyes on the girl I felt she was going to be my wife but[…]

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“Will the Black Lives Matter movement do more harm than good?”

On a bright, sunny evening on a dusty back street of East London, I asked the above question to a few friends of mine and the answer was a resounding, “No!” I leaned back onto my elbows and felt the warmth from the concrete wall transfer onto my skin. I[…]

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“The secret benefit of reading fiction that most white people know and most black people don’t”

Recently, I began promoting my books again to black people on the streets of London. This is how one promotion played out with a black person who does not read fiction: I smile at the person and say, “Excuse me, do you by any chance read fiction?” A slight scowl[…]

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An Urban Fiction London Love Story SALACIOUS HAS BEEN IN the bathroom for five minutes. Deuce gets an idea to go in there after her and finish off what he thought he was about to get before Eschewal came back. Deuce jumps up from his seat and strides over to[…]

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