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An Early Christmas Present For You!

Question: What was the inspiration behind Sexfiend?

Answer: A girl that I saw on a hot summers day when I was 21 years old at a music event in a crowded park.

The moment I laid eyes on the girl I felt she was going to be my wife but before I could pluck up the courage to go over and talk to her she had walked away from where she was standing into the thick crowd. However, as I set out to look for her the music event came to an end and everyone began leaving the park.

I felt she was lost forever but deep down something was telling me she was meant to be my wife. The feeling would not leave me and only grew stronger, therefore, from that day in the park for one year I went to every event, party, and rave I could get to in hope of seeing the girl again.

During the year that I searched for the girl, I chose to be celibate and planned to stay celibate until I found and married her. This was easier said than done as throughout that year and beyond my friend, that I went to all those events, parties and raves with, met up with many girls and always made sure they brought a friend for me.

The usual play, for one year, went down like this: while my friend was having sex with the girl he got for himself in one room, I would be in another room just talking to the girl that he got for me.

The following summer my friend had spotted a girl by the bus stop and did a u-turn. He bolted out of the car and walked up to the girl. I could see him talking to her in the rearview mirror – grinning and nodding. He came back to the car gassed, saying that the girl is up for a threesome. I told him I wasn’t down with that but my friend pleaded with me to allow him to bring the girl to my house as he couldn’t bring her to his because of his girlfriend.

Reluctantly, I agreed and a few hours later my friend had the girl in my living room and was trying to convince her to go next door with him into my bedroom. She was refusing so my friend thought he could loosen her up with something to eat and alcohol. He asked me to go the shop.

While at the shop I was hoping that my friend had been able to talk her around and give him sex before I got back as I wanted them out of my house so I could get to bed. No such luck.

The girl ate the food and drunk the drink. She got up and said that she is going to the bathroom and when she gets back my friend and I better be naked. The girl walked out of the room. My friend and I looked at each other in disbelief. However, moments later the girl came back into the room in just her panties and bra. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. My friend dragged off his clothes and as he led the girl into the bedroom she asked me whether I was going to get undressed – I didn’t reply as I sat frozen on the sofa.

Moments later, my friend called for me to come into my bedroom. When I entered the room my friend had the girl’s leg spread open exposing her vagina and saying, “Look how good it looks, don’t you wanna hit this?”

I closed the bedroom door and took off my clothes.

Two months later I still hadn’t seen the girl in the park and had given up searching for her.

Then on a Saturday night after, I had gone out to a rave with another friend and was standing outside the upstairs dance floor feeling sorry for myself as scores of girls walked past me. The last girl to walk past made my eyes shoot open. I couldn’t believe it! It was the girl in the park! I watched her in disbelief as she stepped down the stairs towards the lower dance floor.

I told my friend that I would be back in a sec and dashed down the stairs after the girl.

I bolted onto the dance floor but was unable to see where she was standing. I thought, shit, I’ve lost her again. I looked over at the corner of the bar and there she was standing. My heart began to pound in my chest. I took a deep breath and walked over to the bar. I borrowed a pen and paper from the bar attendant and wrote down my number.

I strode up to her. I smiled and said, “If you want to know how a real man treats a woman give me a call.”

She took the number and smiled. I walked off hoping that she would call.

Two days later – no call but I thought it is still early days she may still call. Three days later – no call. I cursed myself, saying, what an idiot, why didn’t you take her number?

Four days later I felt she would never call and was chilling out with one of my best friends when the phone rang out of the blue with a withheld number. I answered the phone. It was her! My head felt like it would explode from joy. I thought, yes it was meant to be!

I ignored my friend for over two hours as I spoke to the girl and arranged a date for the weekend.

The date went perfect. I got her back to mines. We slept together but did not have sex as I thought she was going to be my wife, therefore, there wasn’t any rush.

We went out on a few more dates, then I went on holiday for a week. On my return, I picked up the girl from her college and she invited me to her home. The moment I walked into her apartment she pointed at a picture and said. “That girl in the picture is my cousin and best friend.”

I walked closer to the picture. My mouth fell open in shock. I could not believe who it was…

It was the girl I had the threesome with…

If you want to find out whether I revealed that I knew the girl in the picture and how or if I hid this fact and what the consequences were for either choice, then for 5 days only Sexfiend is available to download for FREE on Amazon Kindle.

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