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  1. I am a big fan of ur books, I have both ignorance kills, and sexfiend, both fantastically mind capturing. I am now eagerly awaiting ur next book! take care.

  2. Both books are WICKED!!! I can’t say that I’m a frequent reader , but was hooked on and really enjoyed both of these books. I’m looking forward to the next one Von Mozar…

  3. Both gripping and true to life books. Can’t wait for Little Jamaica. Keep up the hard work.

  4. Hooked is not the word. Both books r superb!! I’m on a knife edge waiting for Little Jamaica and IK2!!!! x

  5. This man’s books are amazing…. can’t wait for the next one… truly talented…
    Keep doin it….

  6. Hey Mr Mozar it was a please meeting you today. You are a lovely humble guy. All the luck with you wonderful work and just to say that i’m really proud to have someone from our community representing the true sprit of the people.

    Much love Nicolaxxx

  7. Von Loved the first book I read Sexfiend and the accompanying Sablemag. Mmy apologies I have not been able to attend the launch of the new book Little Jamaica but will hook up with you to purchase a copy. MORE POWER TO YOU BABY I ADMIRE YOU. Pearl

  8. where can i get a copy of little jamaica
    I’ve read both ov ur books sexfiend and brands got a baby n ave been eagerly waiting for little jamaican 2 cum out even b4 i finished reading sex fiend wen u told me u had already finished writing da book.

    its essential dt i read dis book so i can keep up wit alla ur books as i like ur riting style so let me no wen ur gna b in streatham or brixton so i can cop a copy of ur new literature

    bless 4rm lurline xXx

  9. i love all ur books thank you for signing all of them finished reading lil Jamaica weekend loved it hurry up and write a next book

  10. Vonnnnnnnnn you have some incredible writing skills it’s so now it’s reality packed with emotions and everything else an urban book is to have ,actually i was searching for you a good while now because when I was in year 11 my friend had the book ignorance kills i never got to read all of it but the little i read cauhgt me and the name would never leave my mind now I see you have little Jamaica and sexfiend and really quick I went on WH Smith to find out the prices for your books I’m getting them all on the weekend How are you doing anyways? new book again soon?


  12. hiya von i had the pleasure of meeting you twice in catford i got my copy of ignorance kills and you signed my copy of sex fiend and then i losttrack of you and regretably missed my copy of little jamaica. i love your books and the way you write and others you might have written could you please let me know where i can get copies, signed by u hopefuly….lol one of your biggest

  13. Nmnm You ? I love your books sooo much i have read sex fiend and from kingston to brixton little jamaica , i got them off my cousin and auntie i really thiink your a fantastic role model people need to read your books more i have told loads of my friends about your books have you got anymore, i knw there is ignorance kills but i dont know how to get hold of that if you ever need help writting ii would love to assist you. i am currently writting a play and would love if you could help.

  14. Hey thanks for the add, luv the books..and still trying to get hold of Sexfiend..do you have any signings coming up?

  15. Hey Von really enjoyed your books have read Ignorance Kills and have just read Little Jamaica in a day!!! 🙂 it was so good and also true stories…….. keep up the good work gonna go get SexFiend next. On the Von books !!! Good Luck and Stay Blessed

  16. Wat’cha! Mate, I have read “Ignorance Kills” and “Sexfiend” back 2 back very good reads and i will start “Little Jamaica” tomorrow on my commute to work. Keep up the good work, stay positive, stay focused and most of ALL stay blessed 😉

  17. I read all ure 3 books, and they were all really gud but ignorance kills is one of the best books i ever readm i can’t wait to read mr. Blingm keep doin ure thing ure great at it. And dont let anyone ever tell u any different. U r GREAT!!!!! Xxx v

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