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An Urban Fiction London Love Story SALACIOUS HAS BEEN IN the bathroom for five minutes. Deuce gets an idea to go in there after her and finish off what he thought he was about to get before Eschewal came back. Deuce jumps up from his seat and strides over to[…]

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In Love With a Black Thug SHUN JOGS TOWARDS THE expensive car. The man has just finished parking and seems unaware of the approaching danger. Shun slows down as he reaches two cars away from the expensive car. He places his palm on the handle of the gun and smiles[…]

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Young Black Thugs Running Wild BLOOD DRIPS OUT OF Gunn’s side and down his leg. He stares at his attackers who are picking themselves up from the floor. Malo runs to his car and pulls out a baseball bat. Thomas clenches his knife as fear enters his eyes. Malo swings[…]

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Against All Odds THE HARD FACED, OVERWEIGHT burly men, tumble out of the van door. Hound roars at them, “Come on, get him…” Big boots trample up the road after Leebert. He looks over his shoulder at the oncoming stampede. His heart burns. He feels like crying. The buttons on[…]

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