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In Love With a Black Thug

SHUN JOGS TOWARDS THE expensive car. The man has just finished parking and seems unaware of the approaching danger.

Shun slows down as he reaches two cars away from the expensive car. He places his palm on the handle of the gun and smiles as he sees the man reach for the bag on the back seat.

With no more time to think, Shun goes for the door handle. To his surprise, the door pops open. He does not see it, but he hears it and feels it. The man shoots Shun twice in his stomach. The gun falls out of Shun’s hand. Shun crumbles to his knees. The man closes his car door and drives off as if nothing happened.

It takes about thirty seconds for Brenda’s reaction. It seems like she is watching a movie. She jumps out of the car with a silent scream and runs towards Shun as he falls onto his side and then rolls over onto his back.

Blood leaks out of Shun, into his clothes and onto the sidewalk. Brenda kneels down beside Shun and cries for him not to die. Shun holds his body still and makes no sound. He tries to fight the pain, but it is no use. He coughs up blood and yelps. As the heat from the bullet continues flooding his body, he groans, “Oi… Bee… get rid of the strap,” as tears roll down his cheek.

Brenda picks up the gun. She blows in and out heavily. Her eyes seem to dart around to every corner of the estate. She stands up and sprints to the other end of the block towards the blue dumpsters.

Before she can make her way back to Shun, blue sirens are on the way. Brenda runs in the opposite direction.

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Will the police catch Brenda and will they find Shun’s gun with her fingerprints on it and charge her for all the shootings that Shun did with the weapon?

Will Shun eventfully die from his gunshot injuries and will Brenda be charged for conspiracy to murder?

Want to find out? Download Ignorance Kills… now. It will make you laugh, cry and leave you begging for more.

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