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Young Black Thugs Running Wild

BLOOD DRIPS OUT OF Gunn’s side and down his leg. He stares at his attackers who are picking themselves up from the floor.

Malo runs to his car and pulls out a baseball bat.

Thomas clenches his knife as fear enters his eyes.

Malo swings the bat in the air. “Listen, I’m gonna mash you up, you little Yardies.”

Thomas does not reply. Leandra runs behind him.

Malo heads to the pair, planning to do the most damage a baseball bat can do.

Gunn grabs after him. “Nah, akhi, laowit.”

“Wot, are you sure, ak?”

“Yeah, man, just cool,” replies Gunn.

Malo points the bat at Thomas and Leandra. “Nah, dey must get deir heads bust, man.”

Gunn grips Malo’s arm and pulls him towards his car. “I said cool, put back da bat.”

Malo hesitates for a second as the late night traffic slows down to take a look at the commotion. Malo sucks his teeth and walks back to his car.

Fear leaves Thomas’ eyes.

Gunn makes direct eye contact with him. He stares him out for a moment or two, then points and says, “Remember I told you, yeah, da next time you see me, you better have your gun on you.”

Thomas does not reply as his heart pounds in his chest.

Gunn glances at Leandra, then, chin raised and fist clenched, he steps away from the spot where he could have died.

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Will Thomas see Gunn again and will he have his gun on him ready to shoot or be shot?

Will Gunn suffer later complications from his wound?

Will Malo get the chance to take revenge on behalf of Gunn and burst open Thomas and Leandra’s heads?

Want to find out? Download now to read the high-octane, gut-wrenching world of Little Jamaica.

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