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Against All Odds

THE HARD FACED, OVERWEIGHT burly men, tumble out of the van door.

Hound roars at them, “Come on, get him…”

Big boots trample up the road after Leebert. He looks over his shoulder at the oncoming stampede. His heart burns. He feels like crying. The buttons on his long coat have come undone, and now the coat flaps in the air revealing his stretched out t-shirt and pajama pants that have a hole in the crotch.

Leebert takes a left turning off his road onto a long road that leads to the high street. Out of breath and still running with one slipper, Leebert feels it will be better to run barefoot. He momentarily slows down to kick off the slipper, but this gives his pursuers the chance to close the gap on him.

Hound stops to hold his back and yells, “Don’t let him get away…”

Leebert looks over his shoulder and sees that one of the burly men is inches behind him. The burly man reaches out to grab the tail of Leebert’s coat. It slips through the burly man’s fingers, and Leebert screams either in fright or relief.

He hollers, “HELP…” With no help in sight, Leebert swerves around the parked cars trying to shake off his pursuers. This does not help, but Leebert has now reached the end of the road and storms onto the high street.

There are not many people on the high street, but none seems interested in helping Leebert. The burly men are still behind him as he sprints barefooted up the high street looking like a mental patient being chased by male hospital nurses.

Across the high street is one of the largest housing estates in the city with many blind spots, bridges, and abandoned homes. Leebert thinks this is his only hope.

Making cars screech to a halt and horns blowing, Leebert dashes across the road and is almost hit by two vehicles.
While still hollering for help and being ignored Leebert runs into the housing estate. He is followed into it by the burly men.

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Will Leebert be able to find a hiding spot in the housing estate?

Will the burly men be able to apprehend Leebert and if they do what harm will they bring to him?

Will Leebert be able to totally avoid the clutches of Hound and his burly men and escape back to the simple farm country life?

Want to find out? Download and escape into the insane world of Mr. Bling.

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