Von Mozar

Code Of Deliverance: Vol. 1 Issue 1 (The Cure)

Dr. Ward has the technology to save it…

Secret societies want him dead – will they succeed?

In this issue Dr. Wallace Ward finally, after ten years, creates a code that programs an AI called Cassandra, which increases his thinking capacity to the speed of light. Ward’s sister, Detective Lieutenant Alice Ward-Harding, is on the brink of capturing a suspected serial rapist and mass murderer, Martin Donus.

Ward begs for her estranged husband, Special Agent Director Tom Harding’s new encrypted phone number so that he can safely help him utilize his ability to bring biological immortality into the world.

After helping Alice out on her case with the use of his ability, she reluctantly gives Harding’s new encrypted number to him.

Ward makes contact with Harding, but shortly after, his laboratory is broken into and part of Cassandra is taken.

Ward is injected with a deadly substance and left for dead.

He contacts Alice but with only hours left to live, can she reach him in time with an antidote?

You decide…

If you have already read Code Of Deliverance: Vol. 1 Issue 1 (The Cure) I trust it enriched your life in some way? If you don’t mind, I would greatly appreciate and love to get your feedback.

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