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On The Endz (Back Issue) Vol 1. Issue 1 (Back On The Endz)

The drama of illicit sex and lies are holding back: Nix, Blakes, Cox, PB & OZ from becoming great value creators – what’s holding you back?

This 1st issue interactive pocket novel magazine is an urban fiction drama series about a group of friends learning and striving to become great value creators of business empires while dealing with interconnected personal issues involving love, illicit sex and lies.

In this issue, Jerome Nix returns to London from Atlanta with his new wife, Jandrea Nix.

Instead of a joyous homecoming and the start of a happy new marriage, Jerome and Jandrea are embroiled in a scandal involving a sex tape that is rumoured to show Jandrea having a threesome with Jerome’s childhood friends, Paul Bailey and Andy Austen, aka PB and OZ.

Find out in issue 2 if Jandrea is on the sex tape?

If you have already read On The Endz: Issue 1 Back On The Endz, I trust it enriched your life in some way? If you don’t mind, I would greatly appreciate and love to get your feedback.

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