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On The Endz: Vol. 1 Issue 2 (Secrets, Sex and Snapchat)


Is Jandrea willing to destroy Jerome’s business to keep it?

In the last Issue, Jerome Nix returned to London, from Atlanta, with his new wife, Jandrea Nix.

Instead of a joyous homecoming and the start of a happy new marriage and building a new business, Jerome and Jandrea are embroiled in a scandal involving a sex tape that is rumoured to show Jandrea having a threesome with Jerome’s childhood friends, Paul Bailey and Andy Austen, aka PB and Oz.

At their homecoming party, Jandrea makes a quick escape when she encounters PB and Oz, causing Jerome to suspect that the rumor might be true.

The couple get into a big fight where Jandrea goads Jerome into hitting her.

Sickened that the woman he loves could think him capable of such a thing, he storms out of the flat to calm down.

Jerome meets up with his best friend, Peter Blakes, and they decide that he should confront Paul and get him to show Jerome the sex tape to see if Jandrea really is on the recording.

When they confront Paul at his flat, he lies and tells them that the sex tape has been deleted. Seeing through Paul’s lies, Jerome and Peter hatch a plan to hack into Paul’s laptop to try and retrieve the recording.

However, Steven Cox, a friend to both Jerome and Paul, sees the sex tape.

He calls Jerome to tell him that he has seen it, but Jerome hesitates to answer the call, in fear that what Steven has to say may blow his world apart.

This is where the episode ends – Will Steven tell Jerome that Jandrea is on the sex tape or not?

The vote was cast, and the result was: No. Jandrea wasn’t on the sex tape, but she is hiding a darker secret.

Find out in this new issue if Jandrea will reveal her darker secret – will Jerome ever find out – will he be able to start and successfully build his potential billion-pound business?

You decide…

If you have already read On The Endz: Vol. 1 Issue 2 (Secrets, Sex and Snapchat) I trust it enriched your life in some way? If you don’t mind, I would greatly appreciate and love to get your feedback.

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