Von Mozar

Ignorance Kills…

Unbearable depravity. Unspeakable destitution.
Can Brenda prevail and survive it all?

Brenda is forced to pursue a vicious life of crime by her older black thug cousin, Shun, who gets her pregnant at the age of twelve. When Shun is shot, Brenda sees an opportunity to free herself from his sadistic clutches, but he tracks her down, promises he will end his life of crime and help care for their baby. Brenda believes Shun and turns away from the safety of her Social Worker. But as soon as Brenda gives birth, Shun leaves her to fend for herself in a cold, corrupt, callous environment.

Abused, hated and estranged from her mother and fatherless since the age of six, Brenda is unable to cope with the demands of the child. She dumps the baby in the trash, praying it will be found and hopes that, one day, after she earns enough money, she’ll be able to find the baby and care for it herself.

Will Brenda achieve her seemingly hopeless aim to be reunited with her baby? Will her ignorance plunge her into the abyss of street life and lead her to drugs, prostitution, and death?

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It will make you laugh, cry and leave you begging for more.

If you have already read Ignorance Kills…, I trust it enriched your life in some way? If you don’t mind, I would greatly appreciate and love to get your feedback.

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  1. I finished reading the book yesterday, its had me gripped for the last couple of days. The book is a hit I’ve read many a book in my time but this was something unique and special!

  2. The moment I open the book it was action packed, it was gripping, it was a book I didn’t want to put down.

  3. An emotional roller-coaster of a read that is as gripping as it is disturbing. A highly original debut from an exciting new voice in literature.

  4. It’s raw, It’s deep, to the point and graphic, Majorly graphic, and its just got a wicked story line, it’s a heavy book!

  5. The book was well put together, well written, there was certain parts that I found really a bit disturbing, but it’s real to what takes place, it was good.

  6. I think what struck me the most was how similar these stories are world wide. Whilst the council estates of south London seem so far removed from the beautiful beaches in Australia, the same poverty and premature loss of innocence is still quite prominent. (The side of Australia they don’t show in Home and Away or our tourist commercials)In 99- 2000 Australia had the highest infant mortality rate per capita, for a first world country. The majority of these children were from Coori families (Or rather what the rest of the world refers to as Aboriginals). The same applies to the Maori’s of New Zealand. The constant struggle to improve their situation, with the inevitable vortex sucking them back down. This is usually a result of lack of education and what I feel is the inability to love as an extension of yourself. The possibility of ‘Brenda’s doll house’ exists.

    I also liked the fact that there was no hollywood ending in the book.

    So yeah, I liked the book. Sorry to write a whole bloody essay, but I guess you could say it struck a cord.

    I look forward to reading more from Von Mozar.

  7. The book is one that make readers look deep within themselves. It is emotionally fabricated thus bringing tears to its readers’ eyes, it’s straight forward and it depicts our everyday situations. It’s overall a great book, to me, it is already a hit, making it a BEST SELLER.

  8. Ignorance Kills examines the life of Brenda as she rushes through life to survive. With this debut novel Mozar brings us into the ghettos of London. Haunted by poverty, the characters in this book turn to violence, sex, and drugs to escape their harsh realities. The reader enters the world of fourteen-year-old Brenda whose everyday life is a battle against her bleak surroundings. Far from living the life of the typical British teenager, Brenda must do what she deems necessary to survive. Neglected by both parents, Brenda is left up to the mercy of the ghetto, and falls prey to her older cousin Shun. Shun leads Brenda into the violence that she desperately tries to escape, and their relationship produces a child whom neither of them is ready or prepared to raise.

    Ignorance Kills brings to light many of the issues that society tries to overlook. The book forces the reader to abandon the security of not knowing, and enlighten him to harsh realities that the often forgotten of our world faces. The characters in the book seize to be the story on the nightly news; instead they are given a face, a name, and a reality. Entering the psyche of the main character Brenda, we don’t see another pregnant teenager whom yet gain engaged in premature sex without the birth control. However, the reader must shift his paradigm to see the world of a hurt, abused, and neglected child who knows no love but for the one of her cousin and lover, Shun; however twisted this love may be.

    Given the life of Brenda, Mozar forces the reader to ask some troubling questions about the society in which he lives. For example, why is a fourteen-year-old girl left to live life according to her own immature whims without the help of an adult? or Is it the communities’ fault when its young fall by the wayside forgotten? However, Mozar casts no blame whatsoever, he simply asks for change.

  9. Written in a really real UK road style that you can really relate to from a British perspective.

  10. The author’s style of writing was new to me and quite refreshing. I found the story extremely gripping and gritty. I was unable to put this book down and I completed reading the story within 2 days. I enjoyed the story of Brenda but must add that I was disappointed with the ending. Personally I myself enjoy happy endings and I was kind of hoping that things would work out for Brenda and I was slightly horrified with her demise.

    I look forward to reading more novels by Von Mozar and I hope his next piece of work has a happier twist( even if life isn’t always fair/happy)

  11. The Von Mozar’s Experience

    I got trapped in this book like Brenda was in this “life of Grime”, I had no choice but to read and take the abuse, violence, sadness, destruction.

    The ending is nothing like expected…Every little girl deserves a dolly house, caring parents and lil bit of love, I feel for “Bee” So Thank you for reminding us, letting us know, forcing up to face up to realities.

    To a society who doesn’t care for the like of Brenda anymore!!!!!

    A disturbing book, which speaks nothing but the true.

  12. Wow, i really enjoyed the read i was hooked and kept on my toes the whole way through it is a brilliant book very graphical raw but at the same time real i look forward to your future book’s i would highly recommend Ignorance kills to everyone well done 🙂

  13. It was fantastic. I loved it. The pace was excellent. It was a page turner. I don’t think I’ve ever read such a short book before with so many chapters.

    I couldn’t put your book down. It kept me up all night and it took me just a few days to read. I cried at the end. I so wanted Brenda to achieve her dream of living in a big house with her baby. She was such a beautiful lost soul and my heart went out to her with each step of her harrowing journey.

    The book was really moving, because your characters were so grimy and so realistic. For example Fasard was just one of those mothers who you see around the way and you just wanna rescue their kid, cos you know the kid aint got a chance. The way how Fasard treated Brenda like an inconvenience and the level of neglect, abuse and degradation was incredible – THE MESSAGE POWERFUL!

    I loved Shun! Interestingly he’s one of those characters who u just gotta love (bad bwoy or not). The whole cousin thing between him and Brenda was disturbing but you really captured the essence of two young people who have never really known love caught up in that crazy drama together. Shun’s character was wicked – the way he was a man-yout. Just young, but chasing the paper like a big man – his mentality was on point! The language you used was spot on. I loved the way you used our whole Jamaican history slang, ‘you overs’ etc mixed with the modern day street talk ‘blud’ etc and I loved the way Shun flexed. It was so realistic. I would say a lot more on him, but I’d have to flick through the pages of your book to find some of the passages and expressions that I LOVED – to be continued! It was refreshing to read a contemporary book written about young people that uses the language on the streets TODAY and captures the gritty reality of life today for some young uns on the streets.

    Gize’s revenge was so cold! But you know what I loved? The way how through him, you offered a little insight into who’s who and who makes it out there – I think it was the bit when he gives Brenda the speech about money and creating stuff and people who succeed in this world and where you place yourself on the scale – after the squeak tried to give her money or something like that – I think you know what I’m on about. I just loved all the messages in your book. It was really thought provoking. Strong material.

    The story was SO DARK! I mean between the merciless graphic killings and the sexual abuse and the humiliation – I mean, Brenda giving birth – the way you described the environment and her emotions -I was in tears. It was harrowing. The twists and the turns, the suddenness with which major scary things happened when you just weren’t expecting it…. You got a powerful voice.

  14. A Good Day to you, I have just finished reading your book that I received as a crimbo present, As a person that never reads unless they have to I was a little Disappointed until I started to read it I thought it was a very Insightful and Gripping read, and because of reading this book I will now make the effort to read more, I just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU for writing the book and going around to the collages other wise I would not have got the chance to read it, Kind Regards and all the best I will keep a eye out for you future books, Cass x

  15. I read this book in one day! I couldn’t put it down. I found it quite disturbing that this poor little girl lived such a grotty life. I was waiting for the happy ending where her dreams would come true and she and her baby would live in a big lovely house. That happy ending didn’t come, which made the book more interesting because it steered away from the expected. The story is straight to the point, no frills, just telling it how it is. The fact that it is based on a true story just made me appreciate my life that little bit more!

  16. This book had me hooked, I read alot and I would recommend this, I feel alot of yout’s on road could do wid reading this book. It started wid money and ends wid money which is the only reason these kids be on road. It’s a sad shame that they are not shown positive images in the media. Respect it’s not often I read something by a black author that makes me sit down and think like this book did. Can’t wait for the next one!

  17. oh ma dayz i love this book i want to read all da rest ov dem i jus wanna no more about ignorance kills… i wanna see pictures ov dem na but stil it did make me cry doe cause its a true story it hit me even more but i wanna have a proper convo wid u cause i wanna get deep cause am goin though a lil situation dat kinda goes wid da story so i hope u write bk 2 me on ma e-mail xx nuff luv stil xx

  18. Yes that ws the second book i bought by you. I haven’t read this one but I have read ignorance kills wicked book.

  19. Finally finished. Book was really interesting. Wanted to read more once i got into it and finished. Well done.x

  20. Hi Von, yeah i brought your book Ignorance Kills back in year 11 must be like 2 years ago now ordered it from WHSmiths, loved it! Its amazing how you could misinterpret the whole ending of the book if you miss that vital part in the middle. But i would really like to read your second book, where would i be able to get it? Got a lot of free time coming up , so i’m sure it would keep me occupied for a while!

  21. I read ‘Ignorance kills’ and it had me gripped the whole time. You’ve got talent and as soon as I get back ‘sexfiend’ I’ll be sure to let you know what I think of it.xxx P.s I know it’s gonna be banging though!

  22. yeh i have read ignorance kills,its my favourite book! have you got any more for me

  23. Hi, yeah i’ve read ignorance kills- i love that book (even tho da copy i read was some1 else’s) I need my own one!! Oh i do have sexfiend (of my own) and i’m waiting 2 read Little Jamaica (might order that 1 @ AMAZON)?? By da way i saw u in ur victory in the SLP- v.proud! 🙂

  24. Hi Von.. yeah i’ve read ignorance kills or as i call it “Brenda”…. loved it!

  25. Hi von, read your first book ignorance kills and LOVED it, my favourtie book to date and I read quite alot!! My auntie let me read hers a few years ago and since then I have been meaning to read your others and have finally had some freetime to catch up. Really looking forward to little jamaica and after this am looking forward to getting sexfiend. One question though, are mr bling and do you love me coming out soon?

  26. Just let my friend read that lil snip of ignorance kills. Verdict: she is almost in tears bt in a heartfelt way fr the baby cos she is a mum xx

  27. The real life settings of inner city provides incite to a life some will never see or experience. This book provides a gritty and intense look into the ignorance and where continued lack of knowledge can lead as well as the harsh reality of some lives in the ghetto.

  28. Excellent book that comes highly recommended! One of my favourite books a gripping story that allows you to build a connection with the characters and leaves you yearning for more with every turn of the page. Would love if the story was continued in a follow up book

  29. I remember going to Von Mozar’s book launch with my mother in law!! From then we were excited to read his book and we were not disappointed!! If you want to be on the edge of your seat, locked away from the world engrossed in a book, this is the one!!


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