Von Mozar

Little Jamaica

Deadly prejudice. Despicable gang warfare.
Both rule Gunn’s life – He wants out!

From an early age, Gunn was exposed to the insidious evils of Yardie gangsters, crack cocaine and black-on-black gun crime. Unable to escape his destiny, he works his way through the criminal ranks and becomes the leader of the most feared Islamic-inspired criminal gang in Brixton, London. Now he wants out. He desires to leave that world behind, give his life to Islam and immigrate to Egypt.

But with the ambitious Yardie gangster, Tommy Terrible, hungry to make his own mark on the Brixton underworld, Gunn’s crew find themselves on a head-on collision course that explodes in dramatic mayhem.

As volatile clashes between the two groups of young black thugs escalate, one of Tommy Terrible’s gang members is killed, and Gunn is selected as the target of their retaliation.

Can Gunn survive the contract on his life? Will he ever be free of his life of crime? Will he realise his dream of immigrating to Egypt?

You are just one download away from the high-octane, gut-wrenching world of Little Jamaica.

If you have already read Little Jamaica, I trust it enriched your life in some way? If you don’t mind, I would greatly appreciate and love to get your feedback.

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  1. I’ve finished!!!!!! hmmmmm got some questions tho ….. will inbox later….. Please note ***Little Jamaica*** is a must read!!!! x

  2. My sister loved the book lil Jamaica, she actually missed the rest of work just to finish it. You had me not sleeping now you got my sister missing work! If you cause any more disturbances 2 my family, you better watch your back… 🙂 love ya!

  3. Thank u thanks u. I just received my “Little Jamaica” book. I have started to read it and already I’m hooked. Dx

  4. One of the sickest books I have ever read in my 16 years on this earth = Little Jamaica aka Reality, come to slap u in ur face. Keep doin it big, Von Mozar, u are a complete and utter inspiration. Rahh. x1

  5. yea 09 has started quite fine so no need to complain. Anyhow just finished reading the Kingston to Brixton book, once i started it i couldn’t put it down, but i think it ended to abruptly, i wanted more. What i liked about it was the ‘realness’ of it, it was a book i could relate to. Hurry up and write the next parts LOL, nuff love

  6. Happy nu year! You mite not remember me, but I was the girl who purchased ur book in West norwood that time….maybe not…anyway, I just wanted to tell u that ur book is ALL OF THAT (little jamaica, I mean – i i aint read the others). So real, edgey and in ur face with harsh, full frontal truth. I must say, the ending was a wee bit abrupt fi true, but still – a very good read. You are an inspiration – well done. x

  7. 4 starters i didn’t get no sleep that night cos i couldn’t put the book down. It was amazing i reckon i also worked out who u were in the book. Seriously though your third book and they keep getting better u are so talented anyone can write about the streets but i haven’t come across someone who writes it so well with such a high level of intelligence. Hurry up with the next book!!!!!!!!

  8. Little Jamaicaa is Harddddd! iHaventt Putt It Downn ,, Gott Intoo Trublee Lykk Twicee In Collegee Todayy Cozz iWass Readinnn Itt ..
    Loool ..
    Keep Doinn Wahh Yuh do Bestt ..
    ‘ X

  9. Recently read ur book ‘Little Jamaica’ and it was absolutely gripping and a real page turner. It become a topic of discussion between me and my husband who was reading it at the same time. Congratulations on an amazing book…keep them coming!

  10. I fin reading the book now’ it was 1 of the first books I have ever read and really could relate to it. It also made me aware of how narrow minded my generation could be. i will b moving on to sexfiend. stay in touch b.xx

  11. reading little jamaica atm.. i can’t stop reading it!! its awesome good!
    write more with that skill!

  12. Hey Von.

    Really good book. I couldn’t believe it was based on my area like almost on my door step.

    The description was so accurate. That book got me thinking, reminiscing.

    All those things that were happening I ask myself how did I come out?

    How much of it was fiction cause it sounded very real to me?

    Those estates were so bad that when I wanted 2 go somewhere I would take the long way round. To avoid any form of trouble.

    That book gave me goosebumps cause I knew something about everything.

    The Yardies use 2 get on my last nerves.

    Friends from primary school stop sayng hello cause they were a bad man now.

    The book was 2 real.

    However, I still miss Myatts Field. I had fun growing up there.

    Good ending. I thought the ending was going 2 be like your previous books, sad. But it wasn’t.

    I commend you on a well written book. I was even able to read the patois almost fluently. That’s how you know I’m from the ghetto.
    Anyway take care stay blessed.

  13. Hey Von, I cant begin 2 tell u how many times I have read “Little Jamaica”, the book is so good I got my from da Prince’s Trust Programme each taking it in turns 2 read it, from do main Team Leader 2 da last student….. Mad Crazy!!! U have sum serious talent & its very inspiring 2 me, its mad coz I know its based on thoughts, sure life experiences, feelings etc & I could relate 2 parts of da book. I’ve told every 1 I know about u, if they aint heard of u, well day have now!! I look forward to getting & reading more books in the future!

    Keep it up!!! 🙂

  14. Your book made my time on the beach just fly past. I really enjoyed reading it and look forward to you releasing the others. My boyfriend was with me, I showed him your book, he began reading it and then finished the hole thing in three days! Iv never seen him read a book before so you know from that it must have been gd.

  15. met you at Yesco promoting Little Jamaica well done on yet another book. I am encouraging all my teenage pupils to go and get Little jAMAICA. keep at it

  16. Met you infront of camberwell green Macdonalds promoting your book, on the 4th of September, didnt know about you then read about you and I’m reading the book now, I have a better understanding of Brixton and its youths of today. Being a young person myself and living near Brixton i can relate to the realness of the book. Im totally enjoying the book and its been such a real eye opener. All the gang cultures started way back, and this has given Brixton a very bad name. Brixton is quite a funky trendy place to be. keep up the good work and hoping i run into you again with the new novel. Loving Little Jamaica……..You are a very talented person and direct as well. Your novel is quite simple to read, very understandable language.
    Will have to let my little cousins know…Before you join a gang do read Little Jamaica, it will put you off…
    Thanks for the inspirations

  17. Hello , How Are You. Ur Book Little Jamaica Is Brillant I Loved It Mayn, Read It In Like 4daysz & I Am Dat Kinda Girl Who Does Not Like Reading Books But Ur Book Got Me Hooked Mayn. By Da Wai I Got Ur Book 4rm Ma Mum. 🙂

  18. Hey. Thanks for accepting the add. I don’t know if you remember me but I bought a magazine called sable and your book little jamaica off u in october (When I was running to be the young mayor of Lewisham). I read your book and I found it very interesting and even though I don’t normally read I finished it within 12 hours. I remember telling you that I don’t trust myself with
    willingly reading through a book but funnily enough I clocked that I was your target audience. lol it’s quite ironic. You’re doing a good job of getting young black men to read, sometime in the future I’d like to help as much as i can to get your material out there and inspire young black men to read. Thanks alot for your efforts to the community and I pray that you’ll be just as if not more successful than J.K rowling. Kieza.

  19. Hey thanks 4 tha add! I have read ‘Little Jamaica’ and i finished the next day! couldn’t put it down..absolutely brill.. Ill let my sister read it in due time lol..she thinks im still reading it bt I’m re-reading my fav parts..keep doing your thing. ill b here supporting

  20. Hiya. Finally read ‘Little Jamaica’… loved it! Looking to devour some more of your books lol, so let me know when the others are back in paperback. Bless.

  21. Finished Little Jamaica this morn – I weren’t joking when I said I couldn’t put it down! It was such a good read and well researched. I really liked the little facts about the area thrown in here and there. If you want a throw back to old school Brixton or even if you just want to learn more about its history then you need to read this.

  22. I read this book about 6/7 years ago and I must say its one of the best books Iv read. Not only the fact that it’s based on one of the most known areas of south London.. BRIXTON! But it truly feels like your reading on a story you have just seen on the news. It’s one of them books that whether you read it 5years ago or read it today or in 5years time the reality of the story in the book is something we actually unfortunatly still live by today. Trust me give it a read and you won’t be disappointed 🙂

  23. Having read previous titles from the author I didn’t even need to read the blurb getting the book was a no brainer. Being given an insight into what Brixton was like back in the day was a real eye opener. Again another book that I devoured in a day! Looking forward to the next release.

  24. i brought this book a couple of years ago and i can say it is one of the best books i have read, it took me a weekend to finish it it is so well written you actually feel like your there in the moment great read ive even borrowed it to family and they really enjoyed it and it has a uk street sang and jamaican potois glossary at the back of the book so you dont get confused when reading

  25. I had to write a review about this book. I loved it! It was a very fast pace read, a real page turner and I stayed in over a weekend and finished it. I have to read some more of this Author’s books. If this book is anything to go by, they are all must reads.
    I have to wonder why he is not in the mainstream shops right now.

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