Von Mozar

Mr. Bling

No money. No dress sense. Goofy accent.
Leebert craves the “bling bling” lifestyle.
And he’ll do anything to get it.

Leebert dreams of fast cars, nice clothes and sex with beautiful girls. He’d sell his own mother to get any one of them. But his mother is gone, he works minimum wage and lives in a single bedroom in his grandmother’s house.

Although living the “bling bling” lifestyle looks slim, Leebert is undeterred and seeks a way to get it against all odds. He quickly rules out crime as an option but embarks on a far riskier strategy. He takes out a big loan that gets him the fast car and nice clothes – but not the sex with beautiful girls.

Once the loan is spent, Leebert scams money from his grandmother, Miss Nancy, and gets credit cards and store cards in hope of attaining his ultimate unfulfilled desire.

Using the money he scammed, Leebert cons his way into the club promotion business, but it backfires. Suddenly he finds himself owing thousands to gangsters.

As he runs out of time and options, will Leebert find the money he owes to stop the gangsters from breaking every bone in his body? Will he ever achieve the “bling bling” lifestyle? Will he ever have sex with a beautiful girl?

Get your copy today and escape into the insane world of Mr. Bling.

If you have already read Mr. Bling, I trust it enriched your life in some way? If you don’t mind, I would greatly appreciate and love to get your feedback.

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