Von Mozar


Vile molestation. Vulgar perversion.
Eschewal believes he deserves love and happiness.
But does he?

Despite enduring poverty, incestuous abuse and juvenile incarceration, Eschewal still harbors an idealistic desire that one day he will find love and happiness amongst the ruins of his life.

His chance arrives out of the blue, one day in a park when he sees Manna. The attraction is instantaneous. Her glowing beauty at once captivates him, but, fearing rejection, he allows his opportunity to slip by.

However, determined to make Manna his wife, Eschewal embarks on an unrelenting pursuit, taking a vow of celibacy until he finds her. But with his womanizing friend Deuce in tow, tempting him with lines of promiscuous girls, will Eschewal be able to keep his animalistic urges under control?

Can he find Manna before he gives into temptation?

Is it possible to find love and happiness in a sea of immorality or will Eschewal obtain his idealistic desire through another source?

As one reader has said, “Sexfiend will intrigue and stimulate all 6 senses.”

Get your copy now to experience this promise.

If you have already read Sexfiend, I trust it enriched your life in some way? If you don’t mind, I would greatly appreciate and love to get your feedback.

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  1. I had recently read ‘Ignorance Kills’ & I literally lost sleep because I just couldn’t put the book down – I found it so gripping & loved the ‘street slang’ used throughout the book as it made it so different to read & brought me back to my school days!I was thrilled to find that Von Mozar had released another book ‘Sexfiend’ which again, I found so hard to separate myself from the book. It gave me a new insight on how ‘thugs’ really are with their emotions as such & how some girls are shockingly easy to be used..but all in all I never lost interest in either of the books as I have done with other authors & have recommended them to many people & so hopefully will raise your sales & then I will be able to read Little Jamaica as soon as!!I am loving the work that you have released so far & I wish you all the luck in your future!

  2. Last night/early hours this morning i finished reading Sexfiend…and one word HEAVY.

    I started reading the book Wednesday morning, finished it Thursday morning. One day.

    In a way I’m upset I want to read more, so ima have to purchase Ignorance Kills.

    Support has to be shown to you.

    Although I’ve been a keen reader for all types of books. When I was younger I used to cry because I never had enough books to read. Sometimes id read books more than twice. I love reading, it can expand your knowledge in ways not thinkable.

    Anyway I think you’ve approached literature in a whole new level and I’m sure a lot of youth who don’t like to read/or pick up any type of book well other than a metro/lite or London paper…LOL..would enjoy your books..
    Furthermore, Wednesday morning seeing as i took the book to read on my journey to work, when i got into work i read chapter 5 to some colleagues and know their all catting to borrow it when I’m done…There is a huge interest in your work not even known to you..

    Ok well lastly well done…keep up the great work!

  3. This is the second book I have bought from this bright young author and again could not put it down as it was so captivating. It is written using street language which a lot of young people would be able to identify with but not too street as I am much older and and still enjoyed it. I wish more young people would be prepared to read books as this one is well worth reading and has a deeper message within.

  4. It’s a serious reality check when you can read a book & say “damn I did that” or “I can remember a time when…”. This book was that.

    It pulls no punches, it makes you think, and it makes you want to keep reading. His first book is on pre-order, & I wait with anticipation for his next chapter.

  5. The imagery and descriptions that Von Mozar conjured up were so vivid that it didnt feel like i was reading, infact i felt like i was there, watching from a distance as the storyline unfolded. Not once did i get bored, i couldnt put it down, and wouldnt stop talking about it for ages. But the beauty of this book is not its gripping quailities its that it had a strong message behind it, which alot of us can learn from.

  6. OMG!! thank you so much for signing your book for me. I am reading the book with Becky, my sister and we absolutely love it! Thanks a ‘mil’ once again….x

  7. I’m on the last couple of chapters of sexfiend and honestly the book is great. it has a sense of authentic to it and stands out in comparison to other fiction books. my little sister who is only 13 read it in two days (which is unbelievable because she hardly reads). once i have finished I’m going to pass it on to my male cousins because I’m sure they will be able to relate to it. well done Von Mozar!!!! you are a credit to the black community. by the way when are you going to release another book. one love

  8. I’ve just finished reading Sex fiend and am so glad it was bought to my attention. I’m lucky enough to own a signed copy. I have told loads of people about your work. Reading used to be one of my hobbies and now Sex fiend has bought it back. It was a really exciting read which I read in one night. You have an excellent writing skill and I wish you the very best of luck with all your books. Now I must get Ignorance Kills.

  9. This book was AMAZING! I started reading the first two pages just to get a feel of the book then an hour passed and i hadn’t yet put the book down,i hadn’t read a good book in ages so was proper happy when i got into this one. i finished it within four hours of starting it…lol :)…i’ve recommended it to all my friends, and they too have all liked it. the literature in which the book is written is well good….we’re only 1 4 and teachers are always recommending this book and that book however I’m happy my sis recommended this book!:) cant wait to read ignorance kills and lil Jamaica!

  10. Just finished sexfiend – an interesting read into the minds of young men – keep up the good work!

  11. I came across this book by accident, on Saturday the author was selling it outside a food shop in Croydon!!!Out of all my shopping that day, this was the best buy!!! I read alot and was so impressed with this book. I haven’t been able to put it down nor stop calling my mates saying OMG listen to this….Perceptions of the Black male were highlighted beautifully, but also the fact that we all are human and the possibility of true love is out there, by keeping your vision real…Truly loved it. Well done x

  12. I told Von I’d buy the book, but had no intention of reading it. That was Saturday afternoon; by Sunday i had finished reading it and was looking for the lost pages (I needed more)!!!
    I was engrossed, intrigued and completely lost in the ‘Sexfiend’ world. I was hypnotised by the text and the mind set that I found myself in.. I had so much empathy for the characters that i felt as if i was re-living my youth…

    I’m Hooked and I’m a fan… I’m waiting…..!!!!

  13. I’m still in awe that it took me 2 days to read Sexfiend…. I felt incapsulated into the story and was given an insight into what really is happing on the streets; I could not put the book down….. Can’t believe that my intention was not to read it when I bought it….

  14. I read Sexfiend a few months back and all i can say is, its heavy. its so refreshing to read a book from start to finish and not have any complaints. i cant stop recommending it. Von, your a very talented writer, so keep doing wot ur doin and dont ever stop writing.

  15. I bought this book last year summer while Von was doing signing in Mare Street.

    Since then i’ve read Sexfiend 3-4 times. I’ve borrowed it out several times and can’t wait to get it back.

    This book was heavy!! (sorry about the east London Slang)

    From beginning to end this book is fab!

    Every young man and young lady should read this book and i’m sure there will be one chapter if not all that will remind you of your younger days!

    And make you LOL!

  16. I really enjoyed Sexfiend because it was sooo real! I even recommended it to some of my ‘fiendish’ friends!

  17. read your book Sex fiend – Steve Langton gave me a copy – signed !! It was excellent I read it in a day and a half – could not put it down!

  18. bought your book sexfiend read it in like 1 day gave it to my brother and he hasn’t given it back…when ever I see you will always have my support

  19. first got your book sexfiend when I saw you down at east street market, the book was so gripping that I read it in 1 afternoon, loved it so much so I came looking for you every week back at the market to get ignorance kills, any how I finally got it in waterstones in oxford street. keep up the good work von, full support and hurry up with little jamaica!

  20. I read Sexfiend a while ago (in about 48 hours) and you truly know how to capture the attention of your readers. Couldn’t put the book down! Absolutely amazing! Keep up the good work and make sure you inform us the release of little jamaica!

  21. Hey , wicked book sexfiend , I’m on the mailing list for little Jamaica! Keep up the excellent work !

  22. I have to agree I read your book real quick it was truly good… Looking forward to the release of Little Jamaica… keep writing good books because you have a big audience.. Take Care

  23. I have just read sexfiend people and can I just say…gripping from beginning to end its emotional and touching. Insightful to the ways and emotions that young m,en fight daily the key is to discovering ones self before anything else. I believe it to be a book for the summer once u start u can’t put it dwn.

  24. I read sex fiend in a day…it was an amazing novel!…I want to read the ‘black book’!
    As a woman it was interesting to really see the insight to how certain men think…and their struggles they face on a daily basis.
    I loved it and I look forward to reading many more…

  25. I read your book a while ago, and I have to say that is was one of the best novels I have read in my life, your words are amazing and you know how to keep your readers reading. You are a gifted and amazing young black man, and I feel honoured to have met you…..Look forward to reading more of your work.

    Stay Blessed

  26. Yes….., Just finished reading the book this morning! Its been a long time since Ive read a book with such determination to finish!!….. kept wondering how much of this is fact and fiction Eros…. ?, who are these waste chicks – Damn…. and which one of the Lane man is Deuce, him need 2 slap cross him head!! PLEASE get him to read the black book and if he cant read, read it to him lol lol! Really interesting book, good on you Von…. keep it up, My friend Angela Chieke wants a copy…. I said Waterstones in Croydon (was that what you said???) she’s on my friend list so send her a link of where to purchase…. send me the link too, I’ll forward it on other friends…. So fill me in then Von, …fact, fiction, Eros, Deuce…. Ebs

  27. Reading wasn’t my thing (always to busy looking after the family and the home) But reading “SEXFIEND” in a DAY changed all that!! It was totally captivating, original, refreshing and positive!! I bought “IGNORANCE KILLS” the following day while getting all my college friends to buy “Sexfeind” and my awareness of life has taken a turn for the better. Your talent is unique and boundless. Please hurry up and get “LIL JAMAICA” out because i’m dyung here!! Best wishes xx

  28. Thank you for writing such a rich, gritty, exciting and real book. I have just completed Sex Fiend, the insight into what time, it really out here was priceless! I demand that everyone reads this book, as the mother of a princess after reading this book, i feel a little more aware off the world she is growing into…

  29. Sexfiend was really good. It kept me gripped throughout. I loved how it showed people will live a facade in order to keep their real agenda hidden. Let me know when you do a reprint of Ignorance kills. Are you writing anything at the moment?

  30. I brought sexfiend in January. Very good book. I would like to know how I can get hold of Ignorance kill.

  31. I read Sexfiend, couldn’t put the book down. It was great, a very stimulating book – you also signed it when we met by Vaxhall Phyll.x

  32. Howz u doing??? Loving your work… just finished reading SexFiend (wicked!!). I’m looking 4 a copy of ‘Ignorance Kills’.

  33. I mean the Sexfiend i read it & can’t wait to get the new one. I like all ur books! all the best.

  34. hey, im gd thanx. jus finished reading ur book Sexfiend, Zara made me read it lol i aint a reader but if da rest of ur books is like dis 1 ill read dem 4 sho. book got me tinkin hard u know lol. u aii thou??? x

  35. Gwan Von! Got ma copy on Friday n just finished it! Loved it. How can I gt ma hands on a copy of ignorance kills? Peace x

  36. Hey Von
    Hope u doin good… I can see ur doin well with the books… I met u in brixton and bought a copy of sexfiend, well done for having me entertained. It was such a page turner I finished it in an evening. I am now reading a copy of ignorance kills, after trying to obtain a copy for two years I finally found it at lambeth college library… and as u probably already know it is also a great read!
    It seems I am always late for ur launches… lol but thanks to facebook I can now keep up to date with ur work.


    These books are soso good… no not good, excellent reading for all minds… they give insight to life on the streets of london… whether ur from North, East, South or West… U are guaranteed a page turning read!
    Please check out the site and support Von Mozar.

    Thank u for the entertainment Sarah 🙂

  37. How can I get a copy of Little Jamaica please? I’ve read Sexfiend and that was brilliant.

  38. I just read your book you are amazing, as soon as i picked up the book i couldn’t put it down i read it in one day amazing.

  39. Hi Von, was really nice to see you today. Your book Sexfiend, is the only book that my son has read, he could not put the book down, he even told his friend about it Lol… Thank-you, for so long I have been trying to get him interested in reading, but to no avail until your book came along, your work is ground-breaking….. One Love…

  40. Hey,
    Just got your book sexfiend this afternoon and have finished it, reading every single line whereas I normally just scan what I want to read. Even my mum was surprise to see me reading for the day, but I just couldn’t stop reading. Just ordered Ignorance Kills which took me forever to find. But I shall read the rest of your books which will stop me from been bored. Keep up the good work can’t wait to read the rest.
    x =D

  41. hey… sexfiend is signed to a david in 2007. went to read it and realised i’ve read it already but dont remember finishing it!! jus finished and it reminds me so much of the boys or young men i know who still fink behavin lyk dat is ok, its sad but its true life! anyway its true, readers really do become thinkers, and thinkers creators of values … moving on to little jamaica now!!! thanks for signing it TC xx

  42. Von Mozar you are truly talented just read your book sex fiend sooo gripping arrived yesterday finished it this morning 1 word for your book AMAZING keep up the good work will be purchasing my next book of yours as we speak can’t wait for the adventure.

  43. Von Mozars book Sexfiend was an amazing Novel, the first book I had ever read and completed in two days, I couldn’t put it down, in fact it was the reason I started reading more books, and inspired me to begin writing my own.
    I was blown away and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the other novels he had written, he is an amazing talented writer and I guarantee anyone who gets their hands on this book will not be able to put it down, trust me!!

    Well Done Von, such an amazing story!

  44. Von Mozar knows how to capture his readers and draw them into his stories because they feel real! He brings his characters to life and even though the storylines can be sensitive he handles them very well! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world!

  45. I read the first few pages and was gripped! Amazing story line, with a great beginning and an end. There wasn’t a time whilst reading this book that I became board, waiting for something juicy to happen. Sex fiend definitely has the ability to keep readers totally engaged. I also gave my copy to my younger sister who said it was a very good read aswell as an eye opener and that more young girls her age should read it.


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