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“The secret benefit of reading fiction that most white people know and most black people don’t”

Recently, I began promoting my books again to black people on the streets of London. This is how one promotion played out with a black person who does not read fiction:

I smile at the person and say, “Excuse me, do you by any chance read fiction?”

A slight scowl appears on the person’s face as if I had just asked whether they enjoy watching child porn. They reply in a blunt, matter-of-fact tone, “No.”

I relax my body language and ask, “Why?”

They say, “I don’t have the time.”

I say, “Okay cool, but have you ever been told the secret benefit of reading fiction that most white people know and most black people don’t?”

The person’s eyes show a hint of puzzlement. “No, what would that be?”

“The secret benefit will aid you to become rich and or successful.”

The person smirks and, with a tone that implies that I should go ahead and humor them, says, “How?”

“Well, first realize that you are a being of self-made soul – meaning that you become the master of your destiny the moment you select and pursue a goal. And remember no matter what you do for a living, from mother to scientist, you always have the ability to set new goals – whether it is to acquire new knowledge, improve your skills or create new ways to be more efficient in your life, job or business.”

I pause for a second to see if I still have the person’s attention – their eyes are locked onto mine.

I continue, “However, during the pursuit of your goal, you will more than likely have to face obstacles. This is when the power of a tightly plotted work of fiction subconsciously takes effect, because with any well-structured work of fiction, there is a protagonist (the hero of the story) pursuing a goal and facing obstacle after obstacle until they attain their goal.”

I clear my throat. The person is looking at me more intently now. I continue, “The journey of the protagonist becomes your subconscious inspirational, emotional fuel to continue pursuing your goal in the face of your obstacles. But ultimately, because it takes a tremendous effort to only mentally imagine attaining your goal, reading fiction, moreover, Urban Fiction (as the characters look and sound like you), will give you a concrete image of what it will feel like when you have achieved your goal. This feeling will subconsciously boost your persistence and help you to continue blasting through every obstacle until you reach your goal and attain riches and or success.”

The person nods. Their expression seems to exude being overwhelmed but their eyes show that they are still engaged and still processing the knowledge.

I take out my flyer and point at my books, Ignorance KillsLittle Jamaica and Mr. Bling and say, “These Urban Fiction books are FREE to download for a limited time on my website, www.vonmozar.com. When you get a moment, check out my site, read all the reviews of my books then download them and start reaping the benefits.”

The person smiles and takes the flyer. They scan the flyer and say, “Mmmm, Sexfiend, is that free too?”

“No, but it’s only 6.99.”

“Ok cool.”

“You’re welcome.”

The person folds up the flyer and puts it into their pocket and walks off.

I smile and think, ‘Job done.’




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