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An Urban Fiction London Love Story

SALACIOUS HAS BEEN IN the bathroom for five minutes. Deuce gets an idea to go in there after her and finish off what he thought he was about to get before Eschewal came back.

Deuce jumps up from his seat and strides over to the door, he opens it and steps out then quick as a flash he steps back in. “Oh shit,” Deuce slips his right leg out of his jeans and throws it on the floor.

Eschewal’s eyebrows scrunch together. “Wot you doing, blud?”

Deuce drags off his shirt. “Wot do you mean, wot am I doing?”

Eschewal replies, “Wot you stripping off for?”

“Ter, sick, we’re getting pussy tonight, gee.” Deuce slips out the box of condoms from down the side of the couch.

Eschewal makes no reply, for he now knows Deuce saw something in the hallway. What Deuce saw, not even he expected to see: the silky smooth, firm body that lay beneath the clothes that Salacious was wearing. The door pushes open. In steps Salacious, with perky, erect breasts and wearing silky cream thongs.

The feeling of tiny fluttering butterflies, probably at the same time, swish around inside Deuce and Eschewal’s stomachs. For them, it was rare to see a body like Salacious’: small waist, a round juicy butt, and firm supple breast.

With seductive eyes and curling her lips, Salacious says to Eschewal, “Aren’t you getting undressed?”

Before Eschewal can answer, Deuce pulls off his vest, and as he leads Salacious out of the room, he turns to Eschewal and says, “Ter, sick…”

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Will Eschewal get undress and finally give into his animalistic urges and partake in a lewd threesome?

Will he ever be free from Deuce’s depraved influence?

Will he prevail and achieve his goal of love and happiness with Manna?

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